Monday, 19 May 2014

For those Australis users out there...

...I present the Australis Menu Shrinker!

What this essentially does is remove most icons from the menu and present it vertically rather than as a grid, so that it looks more like a standard menu. I've seen quite a few people be upset by Australis' grid menu, so I figured I'd help out in that respect.


Something's Coming...

It looks like, after all this time, that I'm back in the game. I recently made Kempelton Reloaded 4.3.0pm for Pale Moon users only, and will hopefully be producing a new version for Firefox, version 31 specifically.

Note that I will only be supporting ESR releases. While it may work on earlier/later versions, I will only try to make it work fully with the latest ESR release.

Stay tuned...

Saturday, 4 August 2012

End of Support

With great sadness, I must regret to inform those that still use my themes that they will not be updated; the rapid release schedule of Firefox, as well as a lack of time on my part, has resulted in incompatibilities with newer versions of Firefox. Of course, if you still want to continue to use these themes, you will have to remain on Firefox 12/13, else errors may occur if attempting to use with later versions.

I welcome attempts to update these themes, in the hopes of making them work for newer versions.

Monday, 21 May 2012

For those wondering...

I can confirm that Kempelton's been in the AMO review mill for quite some time - see to get the most recent, but currently-unreviewed version. In addition, PMR's is here:

Kempelton Reloaded Large will be coming soon, though it does have a version that will work (though may not have full compatibility with new interfaces etc); try looking here:

Sorry for the wait! I've been fairly busy as of late, so haven't had time to update.

EDIT: Kempelton Reloaded appears to have been released on AMO. Enjoy! The other two will still need those links to reach the newest versions, however.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Updates for Kempelton Reloaded, Kempelton Reloaded Large and Past Modern Revisited have been pushed to AMO for reviewing. These are purely maintenance releases aimed to let users of Firefox 11+ use these themes, as well as fixing the menu bar issue.

Feature releases may come in time, including enlarged Tab Groups icons for Kempelton Reloaded Large created by Ken Saunders.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Doorhanger notifications

Note: I am currently looking into the greyed menu bar issue, so that will be done as soon as I figure out what's causing it.

For the time being, what is the general opinion of the doorhanger notifications that came into use in Firefox 4? Do you want them added to themes I'm currently working on?

If the general consensus is that people prefer them over the older popup-style notifications that I've kept in the themes so far, then I'll attempt to add them. It'll certainly add a bit more consistency to the Kempelton Reloaded themes at least, though I'm not sure how they'd look for Past Modern Revisited (though personally, the popup-style notifications look better with that one - classic theme, classic interface, after all.)

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

What am I doing right now?

As you've probably noticed, it's been a little while since I last posted here. In truth, I'm not currently working on any more themes for the moment. I probably will in time, I'm just taking a little break for the time being.

In the meantime, here are just a few themes that I've considered, and their eventual fate:

Vista-aero - Dropped - Internal filesystem used by the original developer was too confusing to work with, plus the plethora of odd files with seemingly endless links and dependencies on other internal files. Have yet to look at another theme by the same developer (that, in my opinion, looks exactly the same as Vista-aero), BlueSky, though it's doubtful that the filesystem will be any cleaner.

Whitehart - Dropped - For some reason, even though the edits to the theme were near-identical to my other theme updates, this theme broke completely when trying to update it. Also, I'd need to get in contact with the original maintainer to publish this, anyway. I did, however, give the icons and other assorted files that I added/edited to a similar project that had the mere intention of making the theme work rather than be usable; whether they received that, however, I am unsure.

MidnightFox - Consideration - I'm still unsure if I want to work on this or not; I wouldn't be able to easily produce some of the additional icons (zoom controls, feed button, sync) in order to match the style of the theme, but I suppose it still wouldn't look too bad if I just used the stock icons for those. I would also need to get into contact with the theme's original developer, since they've specifically asked to be contacted if such a situation were to arise. I'm not saying anything's definite at the moment, though, but it's still possible, unless I find it breaks like Whitehart did.

Of course, if any readers out there have any ideas for themes, feel free to mention them.